We are so used to receiving, through phone calls, faxes, e-mails and in-person conversations,
the many awesome comments that our retailers and their consumers alike constantly make
about the wonders of Nesti Dante Soaps - such things as, "This is the best soap I've ever used,
my skin used to be so dry all the time, no matter what soap I used" or "I'm so addicted,
I'll never go back to what I used before this" or "This soap is so wonderful start to finish,
it always makes me look forward to using it each day" or "It's so changed my life,
my skin has never felt and looked better" that it has become a standard way-of-life
for those of us here at Lamia and Lamia
Nesti Dante Soaps U.S.A. But you should know
that we never take all these kind words for granted, even though we feel the very
same way - for we use and
love the soap, just like you do. We also consider ourselves very
fortunate to be able to bring the world's best soaps from Italy to America.

Now that you've heard what we have to say...if you haven't personally experienced
the wonders of Nesti Dante yet, we invite you to see and hear for yourself
exactly what's being said, by other consumers, about Nesti Dante Soaps...These are not pages
from retailers' sites that also review the products they sell...these are all totally-
unsolicited, independent reviews from consumers that we've found living out there on the
Internet...or the real "word-on-the-street" about how wonderful our soaps really are!
(click on each link; the particular article or video link will launch in a new window)


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